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Indulge in Azanti’s premium beverages, knowing they contain 0.0% alcohol, vegan and are certified halal. As well as bursting with maximum flavour, our wines contain less calories; meaning that you can treat yourselves and still keep on top of your health and wellness goals too.


Azanti is a UK distribution company, under Zero Alcohol Ltd.

Whether you opt for alcohol-free drinks for health or religious reasons, you deserve the highest quality and flavour. Each of Azanti’s products contain 0.0% alcohol and are 100% halal. Our dealcoholisation process ensures that our beverages preserve maximum richness, just as you would find in other alcoholic drinks.

Without the worry of calories or those dreaded hangovers, now you can enjoy celebrations and socialise in style with Azanti.

We are currently looking for distributors of other alcohol-free wines to add to our range, particularly Spanish and South African blends.

0% Alcohol

We use the Spinning Cone Column method to ensure that all our high-quality wine and champagne contains 0.0% alcohol.

As all our drinks are completely free from alcohol, we have obtained “Fatwah” from Regent’s Park Mosque in London. This confirms that our products are 100% halal and permissible to consume for followers of the Islamic faith.

Arabesque Gold

Symbolising luxury, and finesse, Arabesque Gold premium sparkling wine will add unforgettable sparkle to any party or grand event. Bursting with fruity and floral notes.

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Gimber is the organic alternative for any alcoholic drink, packed with the best organic Peruvian ginger, lemons, herbs, spices and gems in order to present your taste buds with a tango.

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Magic Dream Line

With a colour of an intense amethyst, transparent and bright. With purple hues in the glass disk giving its quality of freshness and youth. Attractive effect "silver cloud" to turn the bottle. The nose is clean, fresh, very fruity, bubbly and floral.

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Perle De Chavin Zero

Indulge in sophistication and class with our Perle De Chavin De Zero sparkling wine range. Its light sparkle and full flavour is guaranteed to make an impression on guests, at any dinner party or event.

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Pierre Zero Grand Reserve

Available in red, white, the Pierre Grande Reserve adds even more substance to the renowned Pierre Zero range.

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Pierre Zero Sparkling

With its alluring pastel shades and light bubbles Pierre Zero Sparkling is a must-have beverage for any grand occasion. It finishes on the palate with soft flavours, that are both lingering and refreshing.

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Pierre Zero Still

Available in a range of rich flavours, including Merlot, Chardonnay and Grenache, Pierre Zero Still wines are just as flavourful as alcoholic beverages. Containing 3-6 times less calories than the average soft drink.

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Chavin Silhouet welcomes its newest alcohol-free range. With a low-calorie content (7Kcal), this beautiful blend embodies lightness, crisp undertones and bursts of wonderful flavour.

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The Dealcoholisation Process

You enjoy wine for its qualities and the cultural values it conveys? With Pierre 0.0% non-alcoholic wines, the terroir, and traditions are always respected.


If you are interested in making mocktails and cooking with wine, please have a look at these exciting recipes.


From exciting recipes, exclusive interviews and the latest on upcoming events and festivals, you’ll find everything you need here to keep on-track of our whereabouts. Go ahead and pour yourself a glass of Azanti’s finest; dive into our blogs and enjoy the journey with us.

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